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What’s New to Streaming Nov 2016 – Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, & HBO Now

Overwhelmed with choices on what to watch? Do you have too many options between all the streaming services, that you just sit there flipping between little rectangles that don’t give you good information? Well we feel you, and we’re here to help! Thanks to Slate, we have a complete list of what’s coming to Netflix, HULU, Amazon Prime and HBONow in November below! Tell us what you think we should watch for our next podcast, and we’ll do some reviews to let you know if it’s worth your valuable time. We’ll even sprinkle a few dick jokes in between for good measure.

F||F Gets Mad, Max! Full List

F||F Mad Max
Strap in for the Mad Max that started it all! See what the boys think of George Miller’s classic as they drink like it’s dystopian Australia. What does Brian think of Mel Gibson before he was… well… the Mel Gibson he is today. Find us on Twitter @flickorflop

Best Grit

Faker Dozen: Vidja Games Full List

This week James and Ray talk about Nintendo taking it old school and some new age games. Q&A this week by the co-host of Flick or flop.

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Coming Soon: Cloak & Stagger Full List

Coming Soon
Get ready to join our rag-tag team of heroes, as they try to save the Sword Coast in Storm King’s Thunder!

Brian Reviews: Moana Full List

MOANA: A Fantastic Movie for the Whole Family


Disney’s Moana is a sheer delight in every way! With excellent animation, visual work and one of the best original soundtracks for an animated film yet, Moana sets a high bar for future Disney movies. With Ron Clements and John Musker directing, Moana is a coming of age story focused on finding yourself and listening to your heart, even if the consequences are defying rules of society and the wishes of your family.


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