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Brian Reviews: Moana

MOANA: A Fantastic Movie for the Whole Family


Disney’s Moana is a sheer delight in every way! With excellent animation, visual work and one of the best original soundtracks for an animated film yet, Moana sets a high bar for future Disney movies. With Ron Clements and John Musker directing, Moana is a coming of age story focused on finding yourself and listening to your heart, even if the consequences are defying rules of society and the wishes of your family.


Dwayne Jonson, who voices the Great Maui did an excellent job bringing the movie to life. Especially when he was paired with Auli’I Carvalho’s Moana. The two of them helped bring the animation to life. With both characters’ banter while trying to achieve their goals, I quickly became invested into this very enjoyable story line. The multitude of villains our hero’s had to face while learning to quit fighting with each other was impressive.


While this was a light hearted movie, the stakes were very high. Moana and Maui faced adversity throughout, from coconut clad pigmy pirates, giant hording hermit crabs, and even the decay of the entire environment. Yet, despite this, the movie never managed to lose itself. The writers did an excellent job of insuring the plot never got weighed down by the wide variety of villains and task to overcome.


One of the best parts of this movie that pulled the entire thing together was the original soundtrack, which made the film come alive. Every song perfectly sets the tone for the scene. Dwayne Jonson singing You’re Welcome was one of my favorite scenes. The song was so delightful and flowed so well, it was the high point of the movie for me. Overall I felt this movie was a flick, and unlike most animated movie sound tracks… I can Let it Go and enjoy listening to the sound track to Moana with my daughter.


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